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Steering Wheel Venus


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  • Greater ability to recover from deep discharge than conventional batteries
  • Designed to provide maximum starting power and deep cycle capability
  • Advanced technology for vehicles with accessories that demand greater power
  • Constructed for greater vibration resistance and enhanced durability
  • Cycles more and recharges faster
  • Two times the cycle life of conventional batteries

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Additional Information




Camry, Prius



Block Color

Black, Blue

New Or Used

New, Remanufactured


Sedan, Sport Cars

2 reviews for Steering Wheel Venus

  1. David Walker

    Easy to install, great value for the price

  2. Stylemix Themes

    Wanted a plain steering wheel cover for my sons car, and thats exactly what I got. He is a new driver so I was afraid the thickness of a steering wheel cover may seem odd to him but he actually likes it. Did need my husband to install, did not have the strength to pull the cover over the steering …

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